Arjun Tendulkar took revenge after 14 years, this ‘picture’ looks like an old Bollywood film!

Arjun Tendulkar- Bhuvneshwar Kumar, IPL 2023: Arjun Tendulkar dismissed the bowler who dismissed Sachin Tendulkar for zero on the Ranji ground, on the IPL ground.

Arjun Tendulkar took the first wicket as Bhuvneshwar Kumar

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New Delhi: Many films have been made on father and son in Bollywood. In some new but mostly old films, the son has been seen avenging his father after years. A similar glimpse of the film was also seen on the grounds of Hyderabad on the evening of 18th April. In this film Arjun Tendulkar took 14 years old revenge.

Now you will say how is this? So for this one has to go into the same flashback as we see in movies. What happened 14 years ago, for which Arjun Tendulkar took revenge on the Hyderabad ground. You will get the answer to this in the final match of 2008-09 Ranji season.

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What happened 14 years ago?

The final match of Ranji Trophy was being played. In this match, the teams of Uttar Pradesh and Mumbai were face to face. Arjun Tendulkar’s father Sachin Tendulkar was playing for Mumbai in that match. But when he came out to bat, he could not do anything special because Bhuvneshwar Kumar got him out.

Sachin got out without opening the account after facing 15 balls. And, at that time emerging Bhuvneshwar Kumar got the fame he needed.

Arjun gets Bhuvi out to avenge his father!

However, a lot has changed with time. Arjun Tendulkar, who was small at that time, has grown up. He made his Ranji debut and has now started playing in IPL as well. In such a situation, when Bhuvneshwar Kumar came in front of him, suddenly all the old pictures started getting fresh.

Arjun dismissed Bhuvneshwar and took his first wicket in IPL. With this, he took revenge from the bowler who made headlines 14 years ago by dismissing his father without opening his account.

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