Arjun Tendulkar is more dangerous than Umran Malik, know why?

IPL 2023: Arjun Tendulkar has just played 2 IPL matches, but he has become a topic of discussion for everyone. The reason for this is his performance against Sunrisers Hyderabad.

New Delhi. Mumbai Indians defeated Sunrisers Hyderabad by 14 runs and since then a name has spread like fire. this is the name Arjun Tendulkar, Arjun Tendulkar is in limelight because in the second IPL match of his career, he was given the responsibility of bowling the last over of the match, from where the opposing team had a chance to win, but Arjun did not let this happen. Arjun Tendulkar spent only 5 runs in the last over and took a wicket.

Big cricketers and experts of the world saluted Arjun Tendulkar’s bowling, but there are some people who are questioning him. Especially the bowling speed of Arjun Tendulkar is being questioned. But let us tell you that Arjun Tendulkar’s speed is definitely less but he is more dangerous than fast bowlers like Umran Malik. Know how?

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What is the speed of Arjun Tendulkar?

First of all know what is the speed of Arjun Tendulkar? The average speed of Arjun Tendulkar is 124 kmph. is per hour. He can hardly even reach the figure of 130. But despite this, this player is a dangerous bowler. It is very important to understand the reason for this.

  1. The most special thing about Arjun is that he has a swing in his hand. This player can move the ball in either direction.
  2. There is variety in Arjun’s bowling. He also has the best slower bouncer. With this ball, he had hit a batsman like Harry Brook.
  3. Arjun is a left-arm bowler, so he has the natural talent to take the ball out. After this, if he brings the ball inside, then it creates confusion in the mind of the batsman.
  4. Arjun’s fourth specialty is his tall stature. Arjun’s speed is less but due to his height, he gets extra bounce.
  5. Arjun’s fifth and biggest specialty is his yorker ball. Arjun Tendulkar’s yorker is better than many other bowlers. Also, he gets movement from the old ball, so his yorker becomes more dangerous.

Now you think that Umran Malik has speed but he is not able to move the ball. His length often wanders. Also his yorker is not perfect. In such a situation, it is clear that nothing happens only at high speed, if the bowler has good line-length and variation, then he can beat the batsman even at low speed. Sean Pollock and Chaminda Vaas have been the biggest examples of this.

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