Are you also taking medicines when you have fever? Know its disadvantages

H3N2 Virus and fever: In case of mild fever, consult a doctor before taking any medicine. Unnecessary use of medicine can cause harm.

Do not do this mistake when you have fever

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H3N2 Virus: Influenza in the country at this time H3N2 virus The cases are increasing. Five deaths have also been registered due to its noise. Some people have H-N2 complaint of fever also happens. So people themselves Medicine They start taking it, but it can also cause a lot of damage to health. It has been told in a new study that when there is a mild fever, the body’s immune system cures it by itself. In such a situation, it should be allowed to heal on its own without taking any medicine.

According to research, having a fever indicates that our body’s immune system is attacking a bacteria or virus. This is a sign of the immune system being active. In this case, taking medicine can affect its function. This research has been published in the Journal of Immunology and Inflammation. In which it has been said that if any person has a mild fever, he should be allowed to recover on his own.

mild fever is good for health

According to research, mild fever is a signal to remove infection in the body. Tissues and cells recover from this. In such a situation, we should allow the body to do its function and should never take antibiotic medicine in mild fever. These medicines can prevent the body’s immune response from becoming active. Doctors say that in many cases antibiotic resistance can also occur in the body due to taking medicines. Due to this, medicines stop affecting the body. In this situation, the patient’s condition can worsen due to mild fever or any infection.

Can have side effects

Daniel Bareda, the lead author of the research, says that people go to the medical store to get medicine when they have a mild fever. This gives them comfort, but it can be harmful to health. Research shows that mild fever is good for the body.

Influenza and Covid on the rise

At present, influenza and covid are spreading in the country. For the past few days, the cases of corona virus are increasing continuously. There is mild fever in both these viruses. Along with this, there is also a complaint of cough and cold. Doctors say that if a person has symptoms of flu for more than three days, then he should be treated after consulting a doctor.

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