Arbaaz Khan said on Salim Khan-Helen’s marriage, ‘We used to feel bad that this happened to our mother’

Arbaz Khan Show The Invincibles: Regarding Salim Khan’s second marriage with Helen, Arbaz Khan said, ‘We felt bad for our mother that this happened to her.’ However, later we accepted Helen Aunty as our mother.

Arbaaz Khan

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Mumbai: Bollywood actor, director and producer Arbaaz Khan These days he is in discussions about his talk show ‘The Invincible’. This show of Arbaaz Khan is being liked a lot. talk show so far Salim KhanJaved Akhtar, Helen, and veteran Bollywood celebrities like Shatrughan Sinha have come. During the show, Arbaaz Khan talked about the marriage of his father Salim Khan and Helen.

Arbaaz Khan said- ‘I felt very bad for mother Salma’

Arbaaz revealed that when Helen Aunty and his father Salim Khan got married, he felt very bad for his mother Salma. Arbaaz said, ‘We felt bad that our mother had to go through this phase, but our father respected her. We respect them and they have accepted us as a family. With time we all accepted Helen Aunty.

Arbaaz Khan says that when he too faced a similar situation, he realized that one should never judge people. Now we understand that the complaints that we made to our father, we are also doing to some extent. That’s why others should never judge.

‘It is not done by money, it is done by the relationship and value of the heart’

Arbaaz said that ‘in today’s world, even the richest of the rich will not be able to run such a big family. where everyone is happy. Where the children have respectfully accepted their second mother. I say this proudly, ‘It doesn’t happen with money, it happens with the values ​​and relationships of the heart’

Talking about the show, Arbaaz Khan said that this show is for those people who think that successful people and their families do not have to face any problems. Apart from this, I am trying to tell about the struggle in the film world through the show. Through this show, I try to show how humans have gone through challenging situations and how they deal with them.

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