Apple has finally agreed, now the app supporting ChatGPT will run

Apple has given the green signal to ChatGPT supported email service BlueMail. Earlier, the company had blocked Bluemail’s ChatGPT update citing content moderation.


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Apple Chat GPT: email service platform BlueMail To apple Has given great relief. iphonethe company that made e Chat GPT Bluemail update with key support has been approved. The approval came after the email app assured Apple of content moderation to reduce the risk of inappropriate content generation for children. Earlier, citing content moderation, the American tech company had blocked the Bluemail update.

The Bluemail app has received approval from Apple Inc after its developer clarified that it includes content moderation, Ben Wollach, co-founder of app maker Blix, told ANI, citing a Wall Street Journal report. . Let us tell you that America’s New Jersey based company Blix has made Bluemail.

Apple banned

According to media reports, Apple had earlier blocked the Bluemail update that came with the support of ChatGPT. Apple said that content moderation should be included in the email service or it should be released for users of 17 years or older. Before the update, the age of the users for the application was 4 years, that is, users of 4 years or more could use BlueMail.

Blix suggested to Apple

Blix then informed Apple about the inclusion of content moderation in an email app update. In addition, it suggested to Apple that it should make public its policy regarding the use of ChatGPT on software. The BlueMail update was later approved without any changes. The app is still available for users 4 years and older.

ChatGPT in BlueMail

The update of BlueMail has come with the support of ChatGPT. Under this, ChatGPT’s AI system helps in answering questions, writing short essays and writing automated emails based on the content of users’ previous emails and calendar events. Users of ChatGPT get the experience of interacting like humans through Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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