America’s secret document leak, mention from training to ammunition

Russia Ukraine war: Ukraine facing Russian attacks has got full support from America and NATO countries. Many deadly weapons have also been provided to Ukraine by the US and NATO countries, but the leaked document has raised the ears of the US.

Russia Ukraine War: America’s one on the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine secret document leaked It is done. Regarding Ukraine war in this document mention of complete planning Is. This document is said to be four to five weeks old. It mentions how NATO and the US military are helping the Ukrainian army. trend to war Was going to do and at what cost ammunition was made available.

According to the report of AFP, the New York Times published a report about this secret Lee on Thursday. This document is going viral on many social media platforms. The Pentagon has called the leak of the document a breach of security.

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He says that he is investigating this alleged secret leak and is trying to find out how it happened and whether the information given in the document being shared is true or false.

Pentagon Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh has said that we have received information about the report going viral on social media and the department is reviewing the matter. According to the report, documents related to the preparations for the war are going viral on Twitter as well as on Telegram.

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The secret report allegedly mentions the delivery of weapons, the strength of the battalion and other sensitive things. According to the report, the secret document mentions the plan related to training of 12 fighter brigades of Ukraine.

America was giving training to 9 Brigade?

Of these, 9 brigades have been asked to be trained by the US and NATO forces. Apart from this, there is also a mention of the need of 250 tanks for Ukraine and 350 special vehicles used in the battle by the army.

The secret document also mentions the prices of ammunition being used by Ukraine against Russia. Especially those who have been seen spewing fire against the Russian army. This includes the Himars rocket system, an artillery rocket system made in America.

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