America wants to include India in NATO, US ambassador indicated

US NEWS: US Ambassador to NATO Julian Smith said on Friday that we want to work together with India. For this we are in constant touch with India.

India wants to make India a member of NATO

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North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NAT0) Has shown interest in further strengthening friendship with India. America wants to include India in NATO, US Ambassador Julian Smith said that if India accepts our proposal. So will cooperate more with India. On the other hand, on the Russia-Ukraine war, he said that if Putin wants, he can end the war today and now. Putin is not interested in negotiating a solution. He said that other countries can also learn from this attack of Russia.

Smith further said that for the first time NATO has taken it seriously that there is a serious challenge from China. That’s why NATO is preparing to face this challenge together with its allies. President Biden talks about bringing everyone together. He further said that till now informal talks have taken place between NATO and India regarding China.

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‘We are keeping an eye on Russia’

In Raisina Dialogue, we want maximum contact with India. India has to decide whether India can play any military role in Indo Pacific. On NewsNCR’s question, US Ambassador to NATO Julian Smith said, “We are also keeping an eye on what nuclear items Russia is sending to Belarus.”

He said that no country in the Indo-Pacific would be made a NATO member. We want to build even better relations with India. Julian Smith said that India has played an important role in the Russia-Ukraine dispute under the United Nations Charter and has also sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine, for which we are grateful.

These are the advantages of joining Naats

Let us tell you, there are many benefits of any country joining NATO. All the countries involved in NATO help each other in all military matters. Due to which the small countries involved in NATO also get huge benefits. According to the rules of NATO, an attack on any of its member countries will be considered as an attack on all the members.

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