America-Taliban’s enemy number 1 IS Khorasan is now looking towards India, what will be the result

Afghanistan And Pakistan operated in collusion with terrorist organizations of ISIS Khorasan No one has relatives. When instead of enmity with Taliban, Afghanistan can become enemy number-1 by wearing the mask of IS Khorasan, then how can IS Khorasan remain good for India? Because he has grown up only on pieces of Pakistani rotis that are freely available. Let’s mention the dangerous terrorist organization IS Khorasan whose fort or say headquarters is located in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan.

Nangarhar may be present in the border of Afghanistan, but it is actually standing on the chest of Pakistan. Meaning, Pakistan is very close to it. According to the UN’s claim, ISIL-K may still have between 1000 and 3000 dangerous fighters, who are enough to wreak havoc in any direction by turning their backs in compliance with an order of their masters. Out of this number, 200 dreaded terrorists (fighters) are believed to be present only and only in Central Asia. However, if some other media reports are to be believed completely opposite to these UN figures, then the number of these fighters could be twice the number estimated by the UN i.e. close to 6000.

ISIS Khorasan also involved in Coimbatore and Mangaluru blasts

In fact, it was necessary to mention ISIS Khorasan at this time because international intelligence agencies have apprehensions about the involvement of this organization in the bomb blast that took place in Mazar-e-Sharif city of Afghanistan on Thursday. In that attack, 3 people including Governor Dawood Muzmal were killed in the Taliban regime. The hand of this terrorist organization is being told behind this attack. Meaning, the Taliban, the dangerous organization that usurped the elected government from the country and seized power, today that Taliban is also forced to cry tears of blood because of this pro-ISIS terrorist group. Earlier, the same Khorasan group has claimed that this organization was also involved in the blasts in Coimbatore and Mangaluru, India.

If there is merit in this claim, then it would not be unfair to say that this terrorist organization, which is visible in Afghanistan, has started staring towards India as well. However, the Indian investigation and intelligence agencies do not seem ready to give credence to these claims. It is also said that after the change of power, many Taliban fighters have betrayed their organization and joined this ISIS-backed Khorasan group, which knows about every weak vein of Taliban. Taliban fighters joined this organization when their commander Mullah Omar was killed. It is important to know here that what is the reason for the bloody head-to-head between the Talibani government in Afghanistan and the ISIS-backed Khorasan group? In fact, this group is determined to carve out most of Afghanistan and create its own separate country.

Gujarat-Rajasthan is also included in the map of making the country

When there is mention of Khorasan, then it becomes necessary to know about this word also. According to the information, Khorasan is a Persian word. Which means from where the sun rises. It is said that in the 3rd and 4th century, the people who came out of Arabia had reached today’s Iran. The place where these people settled came to be known as Khorasan. Gradually, as the scope of Khorasan increased, its dirty desires also increased. To such an extent that today they are engaged in carrying out bloodshed by insisting on cutting the country from Afghanistan and creating their own country in the name of Khorasan. According to the intelligence agencies, Gambhir has forcibly included India’s Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir in the Islamic State of Khorasan which has prepared its possible map.

Apart from this, more than half of China, a large part of Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are also included in this map. Last year, ISIS-K attacked a Gurudwara as well as a hospital in Kabul in the hope of directly influencing India. In this, 24 women and newborns had died prematurely. According to the former officer of the Indian Intelligence Agency, the purpose of this organization behind this kind of bloodshed is to prove itself more cruel than the Taliban. Not only this, Khorasan may not have any land-property of its own, but to establish its authority, it has strictly implemented Sharia law in its affected areas. The one who opposes the Sharia law, he comes under the target of an organization like ISIS-K.

america enemy number 1

America, considering this organization as the biggest obstacle in the path of peace, carried out an airstrike on it. That’s why America also became its enemy number-1. According to media reports, the rapid attacks of America worsened the condition of Khorasan. To such an extent that in this terrorist organization it is said that till the year 2016 only 1500 to 2000 fighters were left alive. The biggest blow to this terrorist organization was given by America on April 13, 2017, by dropping a non-nuclear bomb on its main base, which made this organization tremble and shake its stove. America then took the “Mother of All Bombs” and dropped it on top of its headquarters in Nangarhar state. Many of its dreaded fighters were killed in that single attack. By the year 2020, this organization declared Shihab al-Mujahir as its chief commander. Once upon a time, that announcement even shook the Afghan government.

Amidst all these sensational facts, the thing to think about is that, being fearless of us, the Khorasan-like terrorist organization is not afraid to merge all our areas in its paper-made map, which even America could not breathe. In front of which the Taliban government is sitting with its head bowed. How will India deal with that ISIS-backed Khorasan-K? And will such a dangerous terrorist organization easily desist from looking towards India?

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