America came openly in support of India in standoff with China: Report

Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar had recently said that the situation on the LAC in East Ladakh is very critical. He had said that relations with China will not be normal until the problem on the border is resolved.

Now America will also support India in the deadlock with China. This has been disclosed in a report. The Center for a New American Security published a report on Thursday titled ‘India-China Border Tension and US Strategy in the Indo-Pacific’. It says that America should support India in the standoff with China.

Many other revelations have been made in this 32-page report released by CNAS. In this report, the deadlock between India and China in 2020 has been mentioned. In this, it has also been told how China violated the previous agreements. There has been a deadlock in eastern Ladakh since 5 May 2020 after violent clashes in the Pangong Lake area.

Situation still good in many areas

This deadlock between the two countries is about to complete three years. From 2020 till now, several rounds of commander level talks have taken place between the two sides. But still the situation on the border is said to be unstable. However, during this time tension reduced in many areas. Soldiers from both sides withdrew from there but the situation is still not good in many areas.

China has advantage during 2020 skirmish

The report also states that China has gained during the 2020 skirmish, while India has been on the defensive. It has been further said in this report that if the tension between India and China increases now, then Pakistan can also play its role in this. He can also open second front for a short time. In this situation, what would India want from America and what America can support it, it has also been revealed in this report.

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