After Priyanka Chopra, now this Bollywood actress is in pain, said- ‘Did not get any work for two years’

Aahana Kumra Statement: After Priyanka Chopra, now the pain of actress Aahana Kumra has spilled over. According to Ahana, she did not get work in any film for the last 2 years. The actress also told the reason behind this. Now Ahana has got work in a new film.

Aahana Kumra

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Actress Aahana Kumra Statement: bollywood industry is a big industry And in this film industry, stars come from far and wide to try their luck. There is also a lot of talent in these stars. But even after this, many stars have been complaining that they did not get roles according to their talent. Lately International Star Priyanka Chopra talked about it. Now another outspoken actress of the industry, Aahana Kumra has also given her reaction on this.

Aahana Kumra talks about the ongoing groupism in Bollywood. According to the actress, there have been many such stars who have to sit and sit with big directors and these are such stars who always get work in the film. He never lacks work. While the actress believes that she is not a part of any groupism or campism. This is the reason why the actress did not get any work for 2 years.

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Expressing her grief, the actress said that she did not get any work for two years. Even during this time he was not even approached for any kind of role. He said that the actress has seen many such stars who are always found with a group and they are also hired again and again. But since the actress is not a part of any group, it has had a bad effect on her career.

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friendship only with school-college friends

The actress said that she never fell for all these chuckles. When she is at work, she works well with her colleagues. Have a good time After finishing her work, she returns home. She never makes camp with anyone in the industry. Only his college and school friends are involved in his camp. Talking about the work front, Ahana got work in films after two years and she is shooting in Dehradun.

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