After all, why was a girl from a rich family working as a maid in Govinda’s house? the reason will surprise

Govinda Lady Fan: Govinda has recently disclosed an anecdote, when a girl from a rich house was living as a maid in his house. The actor told why she was doing this?


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Govinda Lady Fan: The film Ilzaam came in the year 1986. from this movie Govinda did his Bollywood Started his career, after which he worked in many hit films like Shola Aur Shabnam, Swarg and Coolie No. 1 and emerged as a superstar in the 90s. He had fans everywhere, especially the girls were even more crazy about him. And recently, Govinda has told about a girl who, despite belonging to a very rich household, was working as a maid in his house.

Recently Govinda and his wife Sunita told in an interview that the girl was from a very rich family, her father had 8 cars. Although she was working in his house by hiding her identity. After listening to this, the question must be coming in your mind as to why the girl from a rich family was doing this?

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The girl was standing outside Govinda’s house

Govind told that one day he saw that girl outside his house, after which he asked her if she wanted a job. At the same time, Govinda asked that girl to meet her mother, because she manages everything in the house. And then Govinda’s mother gave her the job of house helper to the girl.

According to Govinda, that girl was not good at work. Although she used to work very well in front of him. On the other hand, once again Govinda’s wife Sunita found something wrong with that girl, after which she asked the girl about her.

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Why was that girl working as a maid?

Sunita told that once the girl was calling her father, only then he took the phone from her hand, after which it was known about the girl that she belongs to a rich family. Although she was a big fan of Govinda and she was doing the work of a maid just so that she could stay at his house.

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