AC will fly to rags! If this signal is found in the air conditioner, there will be a big problem for sure.

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AC Blast Reasons: In summer everyone is restless to get coolness. That’s why we see that the demand for air conditioner (AC) increases a lot as soon as summer comes. However, AC is also a electronic product And there is always a danger of fire in it. Explosion in AC can be quite fatal. According to some reports, many people have also lost their lives in such accidents. AC catches fire, but it is not necessary that there will be an explosion immediately. However, it is very important to take precautions.

Air conditioner should be used with great care. The trend of air conditioners is increasing in countries like India. Therefore, the risk of explosion in them is also increasing. If you have AC in your house too, then take care of some things. This will not only improve your AC performance, but also ensure your safety.

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Why does blast happen in AC?

There can be some reasons for blast in AC, whose information we are giving below.

  1. Using old and poor quality AC.
  2. Dirt in the compressor. This can cause the compressor to jam.
  3. Lack of AC capacity according to the size of the room.
  4. Gas leaking from AC or jam inside the room or AC.
  5. If the AC runs continuously for a long time then the pressure on the AC will increase. Due to this it will get hot and short circuit can also happen.
  6. High voltages of electricity put stress on electronic products.
  7. No AC service for a long time.
  8. Running AC during lightning or rain. A blast can also occur in the AC if the earthing system is faulty.

How to avoid explosion in AC?

These things should be taken care of to avoid incidents like blast in AC.

  1. Get regular AC service done by a professional.
  2. Get an AC of the right capacity according to the size of the room.
  3. Buy AC from top and trusted brands.
  4. Do not run AC continuously and keep taking breaks in between.
  5. Regularly check electrical connections, sockets and filters.
  6. Use circuit breaker at home to avoid high voltage.

Stop using AC during rain and thunderstorm. Apart from this, thunder protection system should be installed on the roof of the house. AC should not be used for more than eight hours at a time. Apart from this, the outdoor machine should be kept in such a place where air flows.

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