A deep blow to China’s economy, self-reliant India will get direct benefit

Indian people are well aware of the tricks of the neighboring country Dragon, but are probably unaware that the cheap products of China are a part of its trick which is a way of espionage and infiltration in other countries. This is the reason why public sector government bodies have been instructed to avoid investment, technology and equipment coming from the neighboring country. So that self-reliant India can directly benefit. This will hurt China’s economy deeply. The move has been taken on the suggestion of the National Security Council (SSC), Secretariat, headed by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.

The NSC arrived at this conclusion after about one and a half years of exercise on the basis of reports received from the Ministry of IT, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of External Affairs. According to government sources, the NSC suggested avoiding investment, technology, equipment and other products in view of the dangers associated with China’s dependence in government departments or offices associated with it. In this, it was directly said that it is beneficial to keep the government PSUs and large scale government bodies away from the companies and products of the neighboring country.

On this suggestion, the government instructed all PSUs and government bodies to avoid the technology, products and equipment of the neighboring country, even if it is available at a lower cost. While PSUs and government departments will have to take approval from the government in case of investment.

Instructions given to government departments

According to cyber expert Dr. Vandana Gulia, the instructions given by the government to PSUs and government departments include more than 100 technologies, devices and products, including 3D printing machines, SCADA systems, broadcast systems used for data streaming. technology, biotechnology, ICT and software.

This instruction has been given to those PSUs, which are associated with atomic energy, broadcasting, print, defence, space, telecommunication, electricity, civil aviation, mining, railways, health and urban transport and digital media. Simply put, considering the PSUs and government departments of these sectors as sensitive, purchases from China have been discouraged.

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Domestic companies will get a boost

A government official said that this step will not only completely thwart the potential threats from China to these areas through cyber attacks or other means, but will also curb the purchase due to low prices. Under self-reliant India, this will give a boost to domestic companies, on which the government has full faith.

China’s investment cannot be stopped completely

According to a Finance Ministry official, Chinese investment, technology or products cannot be completely banned. This will be a violation of international trade rules, but to maintain security and balance, government departments can definitely stop. This exercise has been done to alert them in the backdrop of attempts by Chinese hackers to hack the database of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and disrupt India’s power grid. The second aspect is also that in the event of war, conflict, the supply can be affected. If the products, goods are being bought through only one means i.e. from China. At the same time, it is important for the Indian economy, while all the Chinese companies will suffer a huge blow from this.

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