6 months maternity leave for girl students, holidays can be taken during periods

Kerala University Announcement: Girl students above 18 years can take maternity leave up to 6 months. Can start college again after coming from leave.

A big decision has been taken for the girl students in Kerala University.

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Kerala University: A special announcement has been made for girl students above 18 years of age studying in Kerala University. Students can now take maternity leave up to 6 months. maternity leave After taking it, they will be able to join the class without any problem. Please tell that they will not have to do any process again to join the class again. Also, the girl students also have the option of taking leave during the period.

This decision of Kerala University is being discussed everywhere. The University Syndicate has said that if the girl student is above 18 years and she has given birth, then she will be given Maternity Leave of 6 months. For this, the medical records of the girl students will be verified.

Can take leave during periods

In January, Kerala Education Minister R Bindu had said that all universities in the state will have to give 60 days of maternity leave to their students. Also, students can take period leave in all state universities. Under this, 2% relaxation in attendance has also been given to female students.

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At the same time, CM P Vijayan had said that Kerala has become the first state to give period and maternity leave to female students of government colleges. This is a great decision taken for gender justice in the society.

attendance exemption

Girl students have also been given 2 percent relaxation in attendance. Keeping in mind the provision of menstrual leave and maternity, it was decided in the Syndicate meeting that the minimum attendance of girl students for the examination in every semester would be made 73 percent. The report also mentioned that after six months leave due to pregnancy, women can join their college without seeking re-admission.

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