5 classes running in one room, students forced to go home for toilet

UP Schools: Big negligence of the education department has been seen in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Here five classes are being taught simultaneously in one room. Children from first to fifth class are studying in the same class. It can be guessed that how children would be studying in a class. This is the case when UP Govt. Constant claims are being made from the side that the education system has been reformed. However, this picture from Aligarh school is exposing the claims made by the state government.

The matter of conducting five classes of education in one room pertains to the primary school located at Bela Marg, Aligarh. Here students from 1st class to 5th class were seen studying in the same room. Altogether 40 children are studying in this room. Talking about the size of the room, it will be of 10Ă—12. Children are studying in this room, as well as many things have been kept here. Seeing the way the children have been seated in the room, only one question arises in the mind that how the children are studying here.

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What did the principal say?

At the same time, when the principal was questioned on this matter, he gave a different answer. The principal said that the children have been made to sit only here. There is another class for studies. However, when the second class was searched in the school, there was only disappointment, because no such class was found, where children are called to study.

This case proves that the condition of government schools is very bad. If it is said that the children are not called here to study, but to sit, then it should not be wrong. On the other hand, if children of different classes are taught at different times in this class, then the children of the rest of the class must be facing problems.

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What did the Basic Education Officer say?

On the other hand, Basic Education Officer Satyendra Kumar says that new schools are being prepared in Aligarh. However, when he was told that in a school in the district, children from class I to V were being taught in a single room. Not only this, but children have to go to their homes for toilet.

On this, he said that no such case is yet in his notice. If information about such a case is received, immediate action will be taken on it. Presently new schools are being built. Budget has been allocated for this.

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