1 egg for 21 rupees, 150 rupees kg milk, loan to repay the loan .. how will Pakistan survive

Pakistan rupee is also doing the work of putting fire in the inflation of Pakistan. The condition of Pakistani rupee has deteriorated against the dollar. The price of 1 dollar has become 278.92 Pakistani rupees.

The condition of neighboring country Pakistan is getting worse and worse. Pakistan is continuously pleading for loan from IMF. To repay a loan, Pakistan is trying to take a new loan. Even after all the efforts, there is no improvement in the condition of Pakistan, so what to assume that Pakistan will also drown like Sri Lanka. Actually a few years ago the same condition happened in Sri Lanka which is in Pakistan today.

Everyday things seem to be going beyond the reach of the common man in Pakistan. If you are getting an egg for Rs.21, then you have to pay Rs.150 for 1 liter of milk. In such a situation, for how long Pakistan will be able to run without new loans, only Allah knows. Alam is that Pakistan is already surrounded by huge loans, in such a way how far is it possible to get new loans.

new loan to repay the loan

  1. There is one thing in our neighboring country that it is expert in taking loans. Be it China, IMF or other financial agencies.
  2. Pakistan currently has a debt of 70 percent of the country’s total GDP.
  3. A loan of 24.309 lakh crore Pakistani rupees has been taken from domestic creditors.
  4. Different government agencies owe about Rs 2.3 lakh crore to Pakistan.
  5. Pakistan’s foreign debt is around $ 121.75 billion.
  6. The Paris Club owes $11.3 billion to Pakistan
  7. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has given a loan of about $7.4 billion to Pakistan.
  8. Pakistan owes $12 billion of international bonds like Eurobond, Sukuk.

Inflation rate of 31.5 percent

Inflation in Pakistan has reached a record rate of 31.5 percent. The condition of inflation in Pakistan is that it is the highest in 50 years. Actually the retail inflation of Pakistan has also reached its peak. Because of this even everyday things have become extremely expensive. Whether milk, eggs or roti-rice have also become greedy.

Pakistani rupee also battered

In the heat of inflation in Pakistan, Pakistan rupee is also working to temper it. The condition of Pakistani rupee has deteriorated against the dollar. The price of 1 dollar has become 278.92 Pakistani rupees. If the condition of Pakistani rupee against the dollar remains the same, then the day is not far when Pakistan will have no other option but to go bankrupt. Talking about neighboring countries like India and Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan rupee has reached the level of 324 against the dollar. At the same time, the value of Indian rupee is close to 81 rupees against 1 dollar.

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